CleaningA large portion of UK customers looking to find and secure professional cleaning services for their home, office or commercial establishment are doing this online due to the convenience, speed and the fact that they can quickly receive and compare cleaning service quotes. On the other hand, only a relatively small percentage of cleaning service providers maintain strong online presence and have a search engine optimised website.

When it comes to effective online presence, most of the time positive exposure is directly related to profits and business success. Many people tend to underestimate the importance of online presence and rely solely on hardcopy exposure and word to mouth advertising. Indeed, positive references and word to mouth advertising are amongst the most successful types of company marketing out there, but backing them with strong online presence in all the right places will translate to more business and profit.

Having said all this, a well-established cleaning company should adhere to a balanced mix of traditional and online media exposure and presence. In other words, segmenting and targeting customers properly will require the use of more than one type of advertising. For example, if professional cleaners were looking to establish themselves in an area or district with a large portion of senior population accustomed to traditional type of adverts then hardcopy exposure in the form of classified, flyers, pamphlets etc. might be the better option. On the other hand, a district with a predominantly young, digital and mobile device using population will respond better to well-placed, meaningful web presence. This is just a basic division of the entire marketing strategy adopted by a given cleaning company. As mentioned, success is based on mixing and combining both types of advertising.

On the same note, certain cleaning services are better advertised the traditional way, others may require alternative advertising – especially when competition in the particular segment (service) is intense. Monitoring and analysing feedback from different types of marketing campaigns is essential if management is to focus their effort on certain services or options that appear more appealing to customers. This also applies if certain type of cleaning service is lagging behind or not yielding the required amount of profit.

A well optimised website, properly managed company website will be invaluable in fine tuning the entire marketing campaign and delivering more success. Now you see that the cleaning industry is anything but remote or detached from the revolutionary business ways of the internet.

CleaningMany professional cleaners who have been successful in the industry for a period of time have decided to share their wisdom and knowledge with others who are in the process of establishing themselves and their cleaning company. Teaching others the tricks of the trade is indeed a noble and valuable thing that will be well appreciated by new starters. Obviously, for one to become an industry coach for others would require extensive cleaning industry experience and success. In the course of their career many professional cleaners become more than sufficiently qualified in their respective field. This is the bottom line when it comes to teaching others how to clean.

Knowledge is vital, but so are communication and interpersonal skills – teaching is not for everyone, though a person with good communication skills who is quite knowledgeable in their line of expertise will likely make a good cleaning industry trainer. Industry coaches must be up to date with the latest trends, techniques and cleaning systems used today, this is why specialised editions, online industry resources and the official content coming out of cleaning industry regulators are very important for keeping in touch with what’s going on.

In order to become a successful cleaning services consultant to others, one must be willing to teach, to have a passion (and patience) to relay information and facts to others in a meaningful and structured way. Cutting corners and overlooking things will not be an option. A specific (individual) approach will also help consultancy efforts – a teacher must know their students well in order to teach them the right way. Becoming a successful cleaning services consultant will also require dedication. In many cases, there are no profits coming from teaching others, at least at the start anyway. In light of this, one must be willing to invest their time, effort and knowledge without waiting on returns. Sometimes this might involve joining or supporting certain organisations or groups which cannot afford to renumerate you for your services, though teaching them will establish your credibility and give you much needed exposure and appraisal.

Positioning is also important when looking to become a cleaning industry coach. Choosing a good, valuable industry niche to consult about is essential as your skills and expertise must have value for people being schooled. This brings us back to the importance of keeping up with industry trends, innovations, improvements etc. through specialised online or hardcopy content.

Carpet CleaningRecent statistics coming out of the professional carpet cleaning industry have indicated a notable growth in interest toward professional carpet cleaning services. This is attributed to an increase in carpet purchases and installations across UK and US. Industry analysts say this has prompted many entrepreneurs to set up their own carpet cleaning company. Taking advantage of spikes and rises in customer needs and cleaning service availability is exactly what upcoming cleaning service providers are looking for. However, in order for a newly set up company to have a realistic chance of good establishment and success, owners and managers must account for a number of important factors. First and foremost, the company and its staff must have the necessary practical skills.

Professional carpet cleaning is a skill, and like any other skill it must be learnt properly. In light of this, professional cleaners must be trained effectively – the importance of work training and skill build up shouldn’t be overlooked by owners and managers. Next up – legitimacy, in all cases, the new cleaning company must be fully licensed, registered and insured. This is very important to potential customers looking for a reliable cleaning service. Initially, owners might opt for a basic, sole proprietorship entity and when the business picks up and grows they may change to a different type of entity. Next stage is equipment and products.

The professional (carpet) cleaning industry is growing greener and more sustainable thus moving away from chemical using, water intensive cleaning methods, in favour of efficient, waste-free, nontoxic cleaning systems. Newly set up cleaning companies should purchase or lease equipment that will grow with the industry so to say. Moving on to finding and securing a niche – the cleaning industry is segmented into niches. New service providers must choose and penetrate a specific niche – whether that is commercial carpet cleaning, residential etc. Niche specification will allow for better customer targeting and meeting customer requirements in full.

Last but not least – web presence. Web presence (advertising online) is essential for the success of a modern day cleaning company. Owners shouldn’t shy away from any (positive) online exposure – the more people see your name, the more interest you will provoke, especially when everything is compiled into a straightforward, spot-hitting ad campaign. A search engine optimised website is quintessential part of the positive online presence of any cleaning company. Low cost websites can be very beneficial in establishing the company presence online.